July 31 – Journey to Sweden

After a little lie-in and when we were all washed and dressed, we drove south.  Before we drove to the terminal to check in  we went for a little shopping.  More Magners for Terese and a supply of food to have on the boat, breakfast and  coffee breaks were so expensive on the boat. We went directly to our cabins and got settled in.  Patrik rushed  up and checked the open hours for the tax-free shop.  When they eventually opened Patrik was the third person in the shop and quickly made his way to the shelves with whisky ,  grabbed a bottle of Lagavulin Distillers Edition,  as he was terrified  it would be sold out.  Terese bought 2 bottles of  liquer in the tax-free shop.  Gun and Lennarth bought booze and sweets. Later Terese and Patrik went back and bought a few other things.  In the evening  Terese and Patrik treated Gun and Lennarth to dinner to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. The evening ended with a visit to the pub and a little sing-a-long.