Fight and you’ll never survive…..
Run and you’ll never escape.

Product Image: Cidade de Deus
My rating: 4 out of 5

Brazil, 1960’s, City of God. The Tender Trio robs motels and gas trucks. Younger kids watch and learn well…too well. 1970’s: Li’l Ze has prospered very well and owns the city. He causes violence and fear as he wipes out rival gangs without mercy. His best friend Bene is the only one to keep him on the good side of sanity. Rocket has watched these two gain power for years, and he wants no part of it. Yet he keeps getting swept up in the madness. All he wants to do is take pictures. 1980’s: Things are out of control between the last two remaining gangs…will it ever end? Welcome to the City of God.

Filmen har en himla skön berättarteknik och snyggta bildkompositioner. Man får följa olika personer eller platsers berätelser genom filmen. Men allt cirkulerar kring Buscapés liv. Första halvtimmen är ganska seg, men är till stor del till för karaktärpresentationer. Efter det accelerar filmen. Den saktar inte in förren den är slut.

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