The law has limits. She Doesn’t.

Product Image: Silver Hawk
My rating: 3 out of 5

Lulu Wong (Michelle Yeoh) lives two lives. The first is as a much-idolised rock star and philanthropist, while the second is to fight injustice as a super heroine known as the Silver Hawk. She teams up with police detective Richman (Richie Ren) in order to stop the Wolfe (Luke Goss) who plans to use a special mobile phone microchip in order to broadcast subliminal messages to mobile users.

Kul att se en asiatisk superhjälte, eller ja, superhjältinna. Som vanligt i asiatiska filmer är fightingscenerna superba. Annars var väl filmen som de flesta andra superhjältefilmerna, medioker.