Hide Your Bridesmaids

Product Image: Wedding Crashers
My rating: 3 out of 5

John and Jeremy, single in their mid-30s, mediate divorces in D.C.; their summer social life consists of crashing weddings (always with a back story) to meet young women for a one-night stand. As John thinks about growing up, Jeremy convinces him to go to one more, for the daughter of the Treasury Secretary. Each catches the eye of a daughter of the host. Jeremy scores with Gloria, who proves to be a psycho clinger; John wants real romance with Claire, but she has a boyfriend, a privileged hound. Can John convince Jeremy to stick around long enough so he can woo Claire, and can he tell her the truth about himself before she finds out from someone else? What if he messes up?

Tycker denna var ganska medioker. Har svårt när folk använder konstiga situationer för egen vinning. Men filmen blir roligare efter en stund. Men både Vince Vaughn och Owen Wilson har gjort bättre filmer. Christopher Walken storspelar som vanligt 🙂