Evil awakens.

Product Image: Alone In The Dark
My rating: 2 out of 5

Edward Carnby (Slater), detective of the paranormal, unexplained and supernatural, investigates a mystery (the recent death of a friend) with clues leading to “Shadow Island” that brings him face to face with bizarre horrors that prove both psychologically disturbing and lethal, as he discovers that evil demons worshiped by an ancient culture called the Abskani are planning on coming back to life in the 21st century to once again take over the world… and only he and a young genius anthropologist with an incredible memory (and his ex-girlfriend), Aline Cedrac (Reid), stand in their way, at a gateway to hell. Standing in Carnby’s way, however, is the impact that a brief encounter with an evil spirit called the Queen had upon his mind, as he slowly finds himself overpowered by the forces of darkness as they eat away at his very sanity…

Konstigt att när man ser två dåliga filmer på rad, så blir helt plötsligt den ene bra. Har läst en diskussion på dvdforum.nu att Uwe Boll kan vara världens sämsta regissör. Trodde då denna skulle suga massor. Men efter Dead Birds var den ok, om det inte vore för vissa tillfällen som känns som TV-spelssekvenser. Annars en ok actionrulle.

There are worse things than dying

Product Image: Dead Birds
My rating: 2 out of 5

In Civil War America, a band of confederate outlaws take refuge in an abandoned plantation. Led by William (Henry Thomas), they plan to rob a bank that is temporarily storing a cache of Confederate gold. The rest of the group includes Sam (Patrick Fugit), Todd (Isaiah Washington), Annabelle (Nicki Aycox), Clyde (Michael Shannon) and Joseph (Mark Boone Junior). But when the robbery results in a bloodbath, the six flee the town, aiming for Mexico. Threat of an impending thunderstorm makes the outlaws take shelter at a nearby isolated and presumed deserted plantation house. As the night wears on, each member of the group begins to have visions of the atrocities that occurred within the house. As the fear in the group begins to grow and the supernatural forces in the house start to manifest themselves, the six turn on each other and exact the wrath of the souls trapped alongside them.

Att se skräckfilm i Dolby Digital 5.1 gör att även den sämsta filmen kan bli spännande. Hade det inte varit för slutet i denna filmen hade den någ fått en 1:a. Men nu är det närmare 2.5. Rekommenderas verkligen till Pär och Katrin.

What the hell are you? I´m Batman!

Product Image: Batman Begins
My rating: 4 out of 5

As a young boy, Bruce Wayne watched in horror as his millionaire parents were slain in front of him–a trauma that leads him to become obsessed with revenge. But the opportunity to avenge his parent’s deaths is cruelly taken away from him by fate. Fleeing to the East, where he seeks counsel with the dangerous but honorable ninja cult leader known as Ra’s Al-Ghul, Bruce returns to his now decaying Gotham City, which is overrun by organized crime and other dangerous individuals manipulating the system. Meanwhile, Bruce is slowly being swindled out of Wayne Industries, the company he inherited. The discovery of a cave under his mansion, along with a prototype armored suit, leads him to assume a new persona, one which will strike fear into the hearts of men who do wrong; he becomes Batman!!! In the new guise, and with the help of rising cop Jim Gordon, Batman sets out to take down the various nefarious schemes in motion by individuals such as mafia don Falcone, the twisted doctor/drug dealer Jonathan ‘The Scarecrow’ Crane, and a mysterious third party that is quite familiar with Wayne and waiting to strike when the time is right.

Bra film. Mycket action. Men skulle verkligen klassa detta som en actionfilm. Dom har fått till mörkheten i Gotham City på ett bra sätt. Men jag tycker inte riktigt den kommer upp i samma klass som Tim Burtons Batman.

Bruce Lee challenges the underworld to a Game of Death

Product Image: Game Of Death
My rating: 2 out of 5

Bruce Lee plays Billy Lo, a HongKong based movie actor, who is a box office draw. His girlfriend, Ann Morris is a singer who is also climbing to the top. Now it seems the syndicate wants Billy and Ann to join their “management firm”. But Billy knows that they will be treated like property, so he refuses and tells her to do the same. So they try to “encourage” him to join but he still refuses. He would be advised that they will not stop, so he must stop them, permanently. He is even more hesitant to do that but when an attempt on his life is made, he fakes his death and alters his appearance, and decides to go after the syndicate; taking them out one at a time.

Riktigt dålig. Beror säkrt på att filmen till största delen inte innehåller Bruce Lee, utan det är stnad-ins för honom, då han tyvärr dog innan filmen färdigställdes.

Meng long guojiang

Product Image: Way Of The Dragon
My rating: 3 out of 5

Tang Lung (Bruce Lee) arrives in Rome to help his cousins in the restaurant business. They are being pressured to sell their property to the syndicate, who will stop at nothing to get what they want. When Tang arrives he poses a new threat to the syndicate, and they are unable to defeat him. The syndicate boss hires the best Japanese and European martial artists to fight Tang, but he easily finishes them off. The American martial artist Colt (Chuck Norris) is hired and has a showdown with Tang in Rome’s famous Colosseum.

En av de bättre Bruce Lee filmerna jag sett när jag tittade igenom boxen med fem filmer.

Every Limb Of His Body Is A Leathal Weapon!!!

Product Image: The Big Boss
My rating: 3 out of 5

Chein is a city boy who moves with his cousins to work at a ice factory. He does this with a family promise never to get involved in any fight. However, when members of his family begin disappearing after meeting the management of the factor, the resulting mystery and pressures forces him to break that vow and take on the villainy of the Big Boss.

Som de flesta av Bruce Lees filmer. Liknande story osv. Kanske låter som jag inte tyckte om den. Men tycker den var underhållande. Tror jag har svårt att smälta filmerna från förr. Även om de haft så enormt inflytande kring hur martial arts filmer görs idag.

Some memories are best forgotten

Product Image: Memento
My rating: 4 out of 5

Point blank in the head a man shoots another. In flashbacks, each one earlier in time than what we’ve just seen, the two men’s pasts unfold. Leonard, as a result of a blow to the head during an assault on his wife, has no short-term memory. He’s looking for his wife’s killer, compensating for his disability by taking Polaroids, annotating them and tattooing important facts on his body. We meet the loquacious Teddy and the seductive Natalie (a barmaid who promises to help) and we glimpse Leonard’s wife through memories from before the assault. Leonard also talks about Sammy Jankis, a man he knew with a similar condition. Has Leonard found the killer? Who’s manipulating whom?

Underbar film. Överaskade mig verkligen när den kom 2000. Tycker den är den näst bästa filmen som kom det årdet, efter Requiem for a Dream. Enormt cool idé med att visa filmen “baklänges”. Härligt också med ett väldigt öppet slut.

Welcome to the Real World

Product Image: The Matrix
My rating: 4 out of 5

Computer hacker Thomas Anderson has lived a relatively ordinary life–in what he thinks is the year 1999–until he is contacted by the enigmatic Morpheus who leads him into the real world. In reality, it is 200 years later, and the world has been laid waste and taken over by advanced artificial intelligence machines. The computers have created a false version of 20th-century life–the “Matrix”–to keep the human slaves satisfied, while the AI machines draw power from the humans. Anderson, pursued constantly by “Agents” (computers who take on human form and infiltrate the Matrix), is hailed as “The One” who will lead the humans to overthrow the machines and reclaim the Earth.

Detta är den första DVD jag köpte. Köpte den så “tidigt” att när jag köpte en DVD-spelare till datorn för att se denn visade det sig att mitt grafikkort var för slött. Hade inga problem när jag nu kände för att se filmtrilogin igen på projektorn. Fortfarande lika bra. Men 2:an och 3:an kändes faktiskt bättre nu. Mycket härlig popcorn-action 🙂

They don’t want you to know what you are.

Product Image: The Island
My rating: 3 out of 5

Lincoln Six-Echo (McGregor) is a resident of a seemingly utopian but contained facility in the mid 21st century. Like all of the inhabitants of this carefully controlled environment, Lincoln hopes to be chosen to go to the “The Island” – reportedly the last uncontaminated spot on the planet. But Lincoln soon discovers that everything about his existence is a lie. He and all of the other inhabitants of the facility are actually human clones. Lincoln makes a daring escape with a beautiful fellow resident named Jordan Two-Delta (Johansson). Relentlessly pursued by the forces of the sinister institute that once housed them, Lincoln and Jordan engage in a race for their lives to literally meet their makers.

Ja, Michael Bay har gjort ännu en spännande action rulle. Den är som sagt spännande, men inte riktigt så spännande att man sitter på nålar hela tiden. Men en underhållande actionrulle. Den kommer att bli en bra popcornfilm i DVDHyllan. (Popcornfilm = film som man plockar fram, stoppar i DVD:n och kan börja titta vart som helst i filmen och förstå handlingen) Det är nästan en 4:a, men tycker The Rock håller klassen för en 4:a och riktigt så bra är inte denna.