One Fur All & All Fur One

Product Image: Open Season
My rating: 3 out of 5

A grizzly bear named Boog, domesticated by a park ranger, Beth, helps deer friend Elliot escape from the mullet-sporting hunter, Shaw. When the animals escape to the forest the pair become lost just as hunting season begins, made worse by the fact Boog doesn’t know how to survive outside of his beloved ranch. Elliott and Boog develop a strong bond not only between themselves but also with the wild animals and attempt to drive the hunters out of the forest.

Mycket rolig film. självklar har den ett tydligt budskap att man ska ta till vara sina kompisar. Riktigt härliga karaktärer. Inte riktigt lika rolig som Shrek, men nu börjar animerade filmer komma upp i en riktigt bra klass.

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