You’re Invited.

Product Image: DOA: Dead or Alive
My rating: 2 out of 5

A number of fighters are invited to DOA, an invitational martial arts contest. They travel to the tournament island by plane, until they have to jump out mid-flight with parachutes, and then have until sundown to reach the main island to be entered into the tournament. Fighters are then pooled against one another in a knock-out style tournament, with the loser of a battle sent home, and the winner progressing to the subsequent round. The plot revolves around four female fighters who begin as rivals, but subsequently find themselves teaming up against another force.

Visst var jag beredd på att detta inte skulle vara en allt för bra film. Men aldrig var jag beredd på att det enda filmen gick ut på var att visa upp de kvinnliga skådespelarna och hur sexiga de kan vara. Filmen i sig ger en ingenting. Synd, då filmen är regiserad av samma regisör som gjorde The Transporter, som jag tycker är helt ok.

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