This Ride Will Be The Death Of You.

Product Image: Final Destination 3
My rating: 3 out of 5

A High School senior named Wendy Christensen and her friends go to a theme park and decide to go on a large roller coaster. However, just before the ride begins, Wendy has a violent premonition of it crashing, killing everyone on board, so she freaks out, resulting in 10 people getting off, including herself, then watches in horror as it collapses for real. But she learns that you van’t cheat death as the Grim Reaper begins slaying the survivors. The clues to their deaths are in the photos she took on that fateful night, but time is running out until she is next…

Förväntade mig en riktigt dålig uppföljare, men blev i det avseendete prositivt överaskad. Visst den håller inte samma klass som de två första. Denna har sämre skådespelarinsatser och special effekter. Men är dock en ritkigt sevärd uppföljare om man gillade de andra två.

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