3000 miles of terror!

Product Image: Saboteur
My rating: 3 out of 5

When sabotage destroys part of an aircraft plant, plant worker Barry Kane is falsely blamed for the crime. Determined to clear his name, he sets out to track down the man he believes to be the actual saboteur, the mysterious Mr. Fry. He chases Fry across the western deserts to New York, where the two men confront each other atop the Statue of Liberty.

Min första riktiga Hitchcock-film (Fich ju min Hitchcock-box idag). Jag har sett Psycho tidigare, men det har väl alla gjort. 😉
Filmen drar igång i ett himla tempo och ena jaktscenen avlöser den andra. När konspirationen sakta löses, saktar filmen ner, men spänningen behålls.
Slutet kändes dock lite konstigt.

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