The bitch is back

Product Image: Alien3
My rating: 3 out of 5

Despite the efforts of Ripley and the space marines in the film Aliens, an embryonic alien infiltrates the starship. It accidentally triggers the ship’s emergency systems, dropping the escape capsule to the surface of a nearby planet. Ripley finds herself in a prison colony peopled by a religious cult composed of former murderers and rapists. Meanwhile, the alien has managed to grow into a new and deadly form, and is picking off the weaponless prisoners. Ripley soon discovers, much to her horror, that the real danger is much more personal…

Tyckte inte alls om denna när jag i mina yngre dar verkligen gillade actionrullar. Tyckte den förstörde 1:an och 2:an. Nu när jag på senare år blivit mera intresserad av hantverket bakom filmskapandet har den blivit bättre i mina ögon. David Fincher gör en värdig uppföljare med ett mycket vakert foto.